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GlobalTel is a provider of international telecommunications services incorporated in June 1991. GlobalTel International Callback Service provides international call reorigination services to over 25,000 customers in 168 countries.  The company also provides international and domestic calling card services.

We are capitalizing on the growing demand for international telecommunications services by specializing in the creation of enhanced services to under-served international markets.  By utilizing state-of-the-art telecommunications technologies, the company is able to offer competitively priced, value added services that compare favorably to the services offered by the government owned or controlled telephone companies (PTT's) of most countries.

The GlobalTel International Callback Service provides low US telephone rates  to travelers and businesses making international telephone calls from outside the US.  In most cases, using its call reorigination service, companies can achieve substantial savings on their international long distance bill, while simultaneously accessing telecommunications services previously unavailable in foreign markets.  Services such as 1-800 access to US companies, automated teleconferencing, automated messaging, broadcast call and fax, international toll free access, and a call follow service that enables travelers to forward their telephone number to new locations as they travel around the world are made available.  Click here to sign up for our GlobalTel International Callback Service.

The GlobalTel service operates under a US Federal Communications Commission Section 214 license.  The US FCC approved the service in 1995, after much opposition by some of the world's major carriers that do not wish to compete with companies like ours that offer these low rates.  The service is used by hundreds of international organizations, including the World Bank, agencies of the United Nations, embassies, corporations, professional firms, export-import businesses and individuals.

Our calling card services provide a method for making calls without the need for coins or tokens.  Callers must purchase debit cards from GlobalTel and our state-of-the-art switch routes the call and deducts credits from the card account as the call progresses.  These cards can be used anywhere in the world using call reorigination techniques as well as in the US using direct 800 number access.  Click here for more information on GlobalTel Direct Dial International Toll Free Calling Cards.

All of our services are processed through its state-of-the-art integrated services digital network (ISDN) switch with least cost routing capabilities.  The switch is connected to local, domestic and international carriers providing local access, inbound 800, inbound International Toll Free Access (ITFS) and outbound domestic and international connections.

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