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GlobalTel 800/888 International Toll Free Service

GlobalTel 800/888 International Toll Free Service is a service that allows businesses in Europe, Asia, Australia, Latin American, Caribbean, South America or any other non-U.S. companies or individuals to have a TOLL-FREE 800/888 number that can be used by their employees and customers in Canada and the United States.  GlobalTel 800/888 provides a business presence to over 300 million people without the expense of setting up an office in North America. Savings of up to 80% can be achieved.

This service was inspired by the immense success toll-free 800 numbers have enjoyed in the U.S. and the fact that many U.S. companies are now beginning to use international toll-free numbers for their customers and salespeople outside the U.S. 

For Customers of our Customer

Toll-free calling used to be a great competitive advantage for an American business. It has evolved into being a business necessity in many industries because customers have come to expect it. 

We are one of the few providers, offering toll-free numbers to companies outside the U.S. Therefore, we can provide our customer with a major competitive advantage. Imagine a hotel in the Bahamas being able to give their U.S. and Canadian customers an 800/888 number that takes them directly to reservations desk in Nassau. Or a Scuba Diving tour operator giving all U.S. and Canadian customers an 800/888 reservation number that rings right on the desk in Eluthera. It might even save the company the expense of setting up a U.S. operation. 

For Salespeople

Even if our customer decides that a toll-free line would be too expensive for sales or customer service, if they have salespeople traveling the U.S. , we can save them money. Currently, those salespeople are using one of the following three methods to call the home office: 
  • The hotel phone charged to a VISA or Master Card 
  • Some carrier's travel card 
  • Collect calls 
Hotels charge MTS rates (the highest) at best -- most add 10% to 50% on top. Carrier travel cards have call surcharges in the $1.00-$2.00 per call range, and they also charge roughly MTS rates. International collect calls are unbelievably expensive. In short -- it's not cheap. 

How It Works

GlobalTel 800/888 international toll free service uses the capacity of our switch to forward an 800 call. Here's how it works: 
  1. Customer or salesperson dials a specific 800/888 number. 
  2. Our switch receives the 800/888 call and then sends the call to the overseas number corresponding to that 800/888 number.

Rates, Fees, Minimums and Call Detail

We offer the lowest rates for toll free numbers.  The rates are the exact same as our callback rates.  If you want the number to be available only in the US, use the rates from the US on our rate table to calculate your rate.  If you want the number to be available in the US and Canada you must use the rates from Canada to calculate your rate.  The customer receives full call detail from GlobalTel.  They will list every call and include the time, date, length, and cost of every call.  800/888 numbers do not include the number from which it was dialed from. There is no charge for unanswered calls, but there is a monthly service fee of $1 per 800/888 number in addition to usage charges.  If you have an existing toll-free number we can also transfer the number free of charge.   Sign up today and take advantage of our low rates.

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