User Instructions


GlobalTel's International Callback - Provides Low International Calling Rates "From Any Country To Any Country." 

GlobalTel is used by those making international calls from outside the USA. GlobalTel serves Businesses, Government agencies, Private Organizations, Foundations, Institutions, Banks, Professional Firms, Individuals and Families. 

De-regulation and competition make US rates the lowest in the world. GlobalTel's call switching technology makes these low US rates available to anyone calling from any country to any country. 

GlobalTel Simplicity:

  • Easy To Follow, Multilingual Voice Instructions 
  • One Rate(Flat Rate) 24 Hours, Every Day 
  • Printed Rate Sheets For Every Country 
  • 6 Second Billing After The First Minute 
  • No Connection or Minimum Use Charges 
  • Business, Government and Personal accounts 
GlobalTel Quality:
  • Digital Switching & Fiber Optic Lines 
  • Call Detail Confidentiality 
  • You Need Only Your Touchtone Phone 
  • 24 Hour Assistance 
  • Digital Voice and Data Systems 
User Friendly Multiple Functions Free of Charge: 
Basic Callback:
Dial your ACCESS NUMBER, hear one ring and hang up. The System calls back in seconds and you hear, "welcome you to GLOBALTEL". At this point you call as if calling from the US - Dial 011+[Country Code]+(City Code)+Number. 
Re- - 
Press (* + #) and (2). 
Multiple Calls 
Press (* + *) after previous call. 
One or More Faxes 
Switch fax machine to MANUAL OPERATION, Call your ACCESS NUMBER and hang up after one ring. If your fax machine is on "PULSE" put the tone/pulse switch to "TONE". Answer your callback, dial your number, press "START" when you get a fax signal and hang up; To send another fax press (* + *). 
US 800 and 888 Toll Free Numbers 
Access the system and dial the 800 number: 1 + 800-xxx-xxxx. 
Program (01) to (99) Speed Dial Numbers 
Access the system and press (* + #); then choose (3) for the menu. 
Using Speed-Dial 
Dial your frequently called telephone numbers by dialing the speed dial slot numbers (01 to 99). 
Change Your Callback Number When Traveling 
Dial your access number from any phone in the world, hear a ring and press (#); Follow voice instructions to enter your ACCOUNT NUMBER and/or PIN NUMBER, and then change your callback number and/or greeting message to include your name, hotel room(or office) and extension number. 
Other Functions
At anytime after you have accessed the system and received your callback, you can press (* + #) for the menu for: 1) Account Balance; 2) Re-dial; 3) Program Speed-dialing; 4) Change Callback Number. 

Important: Entering (#) after dialing your number speeds connection of the call; Entering (# + #) before hanging up speeds disconnection of the call. 

Travel Function
Using Callback For Your Modem
Information on Account Balance Function