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International Conference Calling Available Now to all Customers! Get up to 16 people
on line simultaneously when using GlobalTel Callback or Dial Direct Service.
Call your business partners, family members, and friends using GlobalTel
International Conferencing Calling. Try it out today!

It's easy to use - just follow these simple steps:
1. Initiate Callback from Anywhere or use our Direct Dial Number
    from selected countries. Click here for these countries.
2. Dial the destination number followed by the # sign
3. Press * # 5 after you have the first party on the line
4. You will hear a prompt "Welcome to GlobalTel. Enter the
    phone number to call followed by the # key."
5. Then, you will hear a prompt "Please speak your conference invitation
    greeting followed by the # key."
6. The third party will hear " Press 1 to join the conference call.
    To decline, press 2 or hang up". Once they accept and
    join the conference call request, you will hear a BEEP.
    You now have 3 people on the line.
7. If the third party does not answer or rejects the request, you will
    hear "The conference caller did not answer, please try again later".
8. To reach another party, press * # 5 again
9. Follow step 3 to 8 to invite other callers.

IMPORTANT: If the first call recipient hangs up, you will not be able
to add another conference call. You can get up to 16 people on the line.
Every call made is billed at the same rate of the service used. The person
initiating the callback will only be charged for the conference calls completed.

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