GlobalTel (800) CALLING CARD

  • Revised  August 1999

  • Make calls From any telephone in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
  • Dial the 1800-430-2331 and enter your account number, then call any number in the world.
  • All Calls, domestic and international are billed at low US rates. 
  • All rates, domestic and international are flat rates - one rate- 24 hours every day. 
  • Rates to all countries from the US, Canada and Puerto Rico are shown on the GlobalTel Rate Chart.  These are the same low rates enjoyed by GLOBALTEL International Callback Customers. 
    All calls, domestic and International, are billed in six (6) second increments after the first minute. 
    NOTE:  If you make calls from countries other than the US, CANADA, or PUERTO RICO, you will want one or more GLOBALTEL INTERNATIONAL CALLBACK ACCESS NUMBERS for making calls "from any country to any country."  Add these to your GlobalTel USA (800) Calling Card account. 

    • From any Telephone in the US or Canada, Dial 1800-430-2331; enter your "account code" (PIN) when prompted. You will hear:  "Welcome to GlobalTel, please enter the phone number to call followed by the pound ( # ) key."  Dial any number in the world. 
    • US and Canada DOMESTIC CALLS: 

    • (Calls from the US and Canada to numbers in the North American Numbering System - NANS).  Dial 1 + (area code) + local number for the US, Canada, Bermuda and all the Caribbean countries, except the Netherlands Antilles. 

    • Dial:  011 + [country code] + (city code) + Local Number for all international calls, except when calling countries within the US Domestic calling area described.

    • Press STAR + STAR (* + *) after each previous call and dial a new number. 

    • Place your documents in the fax machine; Change the fax to MANUAL OPERATION and dial your GlobalTel (800) number + your PIN.  Dial the number you are faxing and press START when you get a fax signal, and hang up.  TO SEND ADDITIONAL FAXES OR TO MAKE A CALL, Enter (* + *) immediately (within 30 seconds) after the completion tone or beep.
    • RE-DIALING: 

    • Press (* + *) to get a new voice prompt, then (* + #) for the menu, then press (2). 

    • Call your 800 number, enter your PIN number when prompted and press STAR + POUND (* + #).  Choices 1, 2 and 3 of the MENU are applicable to GlobalTel USA 800 accounts: 
      1. The ACCOUNT BALANCE function is used for PREPAY ACCOUNTS ONLY.  It does not apply to credit card accounts.  It gives an approximate amount of credit remaining on the individual account.  It does not give the total cost of calls made. 
      2. The REDIAL function, choice ( 2 ) will automatically redial the last number dialed. 
      3. The SPEED DIAL PROGRAMMING function, choice ( 3 ) has clear VOICE INSTRUCTIONS on how to enter two digits ( 01 - 99 ) and then enter the telephone number to speed dial. 

      4. To exit the speed dial programming and make a call press ( * + * ); To hang up press ( # + # ). 

    • Enter a two-digit, speed-dial slot number (01 to 99) plus the pound (#) key.

    • (For Manual and Speed Dialing) Entering (#) after dialing speeds connection; Entering ( # + #) before hanging up speeds disconnection. 

    • You can program each of your GlobalTel Access Numbers to speed dial up to 99 numbers. a)  Access the system and press ( * + # ) to access the general menu; then press ( 3 ) to access the speed-dial menu. 
      b)  When instructed enter the two-digit speed-dial slot or code (01 to 99) you wish to add (or change) and the telephone number for the slot.  Be sure to enter all the numbers you use when you call the number manually.  Remember you enter the numbers you would dial as if you were dialing from the US, since you are using a US dial tone.  Include the US International Access Code ( 011 ) before all numbers, the [country code] and the (city code).  For example, a call from any country to Geneva, Switzerland would be dialed:  011 - [41] (22) & the local number. 
      Programming Numbers In The US, Canada & The Caribbean:  The North American Dialing System countries do not have city codes; they have area codes and should be programmed as follows:  1 + ( area code) + local number.  For example, to call New York City dial:  1 + (212) + local number. 

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